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#1-How to make Free Sol Crypto currency from Mobile Phone

Introduction about Sol 

Sol wasn’t the project’s original name. The original name for envisioned crypto commune was slated to be “Puertopia,” a portmanteau, presumably, of Puerto Rico and utopia.

However, “Puertopia” sounds very much like a Latin phrase meaning childhood paradise, or eternal boy paradise, so the developers quickly changed the name to “Sol,” the Latin word for sun.

The initial moniker becomes a bit ironic – and maybe a bit sinister – considering the frontman of the Sol project is a former child actor and blockchain entrepreneur Brock Pierce.

How you can make Free Sol from your Mobile

Here is the way of making free Sol from your mobile phone you just have to follow some simple steps as shown below:-

1-Open this link:

Register for Free Sol Acc 

2-Then Register

Then Register for free Sol acc just enter your mail address, your name and your Password after doing all this, you will get a confirmation mail from sol

3-Confirm that mail and after doing this you will get 5 sol into your wallet

4- Now its time to make 25 more sol,

for this you have to install the sol app, for installing this app you have to find the install button from the website of sol

find in screenshot

after installing the sol app you will get 25 sol into your sol wallet

5- Now its time to make more sol,

for this you have to refer more people if the register from your link then you will get 5 sol and if they install the app then you will get 20 sol more.

6-Beside of referring peoples

you can earn sol from posting images and articles on sola platform

7-Now its time to withdraw the earned sol,

For this you must have minimum 100 sol into your acc, after this, you will see waller into your mobile app then upper left corner you will see, exchange button, you have to click on that button after that you will get many options like SOL/BTC or SOL/ETH

You can choose any option then you will redirect to Tidex exchange ( you will have to create acc on this exchange) after creating the acc you will have to confirm your email address from your mailbox, then you have to login in Tidex exchange by submitting your email address and your password, Then again Tidex send an authentication num on your email address you have to copy that num or letters and past it into the authentication box then you will see your Tidex dashboard

Now you have to click on deposit and Withdrawal button from menu options

Then find Sol from all crypto currency then click on Deposite button then Tidex will show the your Sol Deposite address , Copy that address and come back to Sola App and go to your wallet and click on withdrwal button and then past your sol deposite address,

Thats IT!

Hope this will Help You 🙂


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