4 major symtoms of AIDS

4 symptoms of AIDS 

Many people do not show any symptoms when infected with AIDS. After several days or weeks of exposure to the virus, some people have symptoms of flu-like illness. They complain of fever, headache, exhaustion and throat glands. AIDS itself is not a disease. But the person’s body of AIDS loses its natural resistance to infectious diseases, which are caused by bacteria and viruses. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1.2 million people are currently infected with HIV and 12.8 percent of the people in 8 are unaware of their infection.

Over the past few days, feeling fatigue or feeling tired at all times is the starting symptom of HIV.


Dry cough is one of the symptoms of AIDS. If someone is not coughing, but there is always cough in the mouth. The taste of the mouth is bad. If you have any of these symptoms, then get HIV tests done.
Symptoms of flu are visible, fever, fatigue, muscular stenosis, joint pain swelling and headache are major symptoms. These can all be symptoms of AIDS.

Soreness refers to the reaction of the waiting system for one type of viral infection, so the fever is a good sign in recognizing the early symptoms of HIV AIDS and it demonstrates that your immune system has not yet weakened.


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