5 precautions for diabetes

5 precautions for diabetes patients learn how to end it

5 precautions for diabetes patients

In summer the day is long and the night is smaller. Therefore heart patients can feel fatigue and tension, which can result in their blood pressure increase. Similarly, blood sugar in people with diabetes can also increase due to fatigue and stress. With excess sweating this season, there is a shortage of electrolytes i.e. sodium and potassium in the body. Reduction of sodium and water, i.e. dehydration, increases the heartbeat and this causes panic. Sleep does not fall, lethargy, and confusion. 5 precautions for diabetes patients

5 precautions for diabetes patients

In the current season, the muscles to feel tired too, because BMR (basal metabolic rate) is high. Water requirement is high in summer. There can be panic due to frequent no water. Appetite seems less in this season. So the body does not get enough calories and nutrients. Due to this, the body remains lax.5 precautions for diabetes patients

Here are the 5 precautions for diabetes patients

Temperature and body function 5 precautions for diabetes patients

5 precautions for diabetes patients

Body function (the function of different organs of the body) works well at 28 degrees Celsius temperature. In summer, when the temperature goes above 35 degrees Celsius, it has a bad effect on the heart and the brain. Due to this, headache, dizziness, heartbeat, nervousness, confusion, vibration, dizziness, weakness, and lethargy are beginning to feel. 5 precautions for diabetes patients

What to do

5 precautions for diabetes patients

There may be panic in this season due to frequent rushing in sunlight and not drink enough water. In this situation, drink plenty of water, lemonade, and glucose. Such problems end in half an hour after resting at a cold place, but if the panic is not away even after rest, consult the doctor.

In many cases, doctors may make blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG and 2D Eco-Doppler and other tests if needed to know the cause of nervousness. Sodium and potassium can also be examined in the body. 5 precautions for diabetes patients


1- Drink plenty of water. Do not go out with empty stomach. 5 precautions for diabetes patients

2-Eat the lassi and whey made from the same and made of it. Sattu food is also beneficial. 5 precautions for diabetes patients

3-It is beneficial to drink the juice of cucumber, cucumber, mango, and vinegar. 5 precautions for diabetes patients

5- Eat refreshing food Do not eat open and harvested fruits of the market. 

6-Don’t take someone’s medication when you are pregnant or do not take any medication yourself. 5 precautions for diabetes patients

7-If you have a fever, then you can take paracetamol’s tablet. 

8-In this season sweat turns out very much. So increase the amount of salt in the food. Mixing black salt is useful in consuming curd and whey.

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