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7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

Be slim and fit is important for the Human body. Not only to look good but also to health. It is difficult to control Your Fat, But not impossible. Although there are instructions around the world for weight loss and people also adopt them. But some may don’t get that result which they are expecting for. If it is the same with you then do not worry. You Just have to Follow these 5 Golden Rules to Lose your Ugly Fat. 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

1-Use Balanced diet 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

To stay Slim and Fit then you have to make your Balance Diet Plan. That is, Your Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner should have enough macronutrients, for example – The correct proportion of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat. The lack of protein in any meal means that you are not conscious about your health. Protein is very important for the Human body. Proteins mean that food should be anything like pulses, eggs, chicken or fish. In the same way, good quality fats also make your heart health. 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

2-Hara Hachi Bu Way 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

Probably Your are thinking that I am Freking made. What I am talking Hara Hachi Bu way, But let me tell you One thing, This is the secret of the health of Okinavaj, living in a small island of Japan. This means that if you are hungry then eat only 80% of your hunger. This is important because the body’s stretch receptors take 20 minutes to send this message to your brain that you’re full of stomach. That’s why, You may have felt that, If you get something late after you start eating, then you start feeling full stomach even before eating that thing. Also, gastric juice and digestive enzymes take 20 minutes to reach the stomach. So follow this Hara Hachi Boo a for stay fit and healthy. 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

3-Stay Away 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

  1. If you have decided to be slim at any cost, then it is important to be alert to certain things and food so that you can keep your weight under your control. For instance, Stay away from them.
  2. Cakes, Pastries, Tartes, and Muffins.
  3. Sweets like Jalebi, Rasgula, and Laddoo(Indian Sweets).
  4. Ice cream, cold drinks, and frozen yogurt.
  5. Cheese on pizza, baked products.
  6. If you want to lose weight then stay away from any kind of cheese.
  7. Frozen things like – Samosa, Bhujia, Pakoda, Dry snacks, Pani Puri, Spring roll, Vada Pau etc.( Indian Foods)
  8. Stay Away from any Potatoes product and Food

4-Do Exercise for Burn your Calories. 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

Modern technology makes us Lazy and Unhealthy like car Bike and all. In such a way, to control the weight or to complete the dream of losing weight. You must have to do one cardio activity daily. It is very important to walk 10 thousand to 15 thousand steps a day to lose weight. According to one estimate, one person walks about 6000-7000 steps in the one-hour walk every day. Identify yourself from the charts given here that you are lazy or not. If you are lazy, be sure to do what you can do to meet the goal of weight loss according to the chart- 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

Are you lazy? 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

  • Always use the elevator.
  • The order of the grocery gives on the phone.
  • Drink tea by the helper and drink tea
  • Watch TV with children.
  • Meet the friend to drink coffee.
  • Sit in one place and talk on the mobile.
  • Park your car right near the destination.
  • Standing in one place and waiting for the car.
  • Take a coffee or cigarette break.
  • Wait for bus or car for a go around.
  • After dinner, sit down to digest food. 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

What to do 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

  • Use stairs.
  • Walk to the shop and pick up you need.
  • In morning you should make your tea by yourself.
  • Instead of watching TV, Play with your Kids if you have, if not then do something else rather then watching TV.
  • Go to Walk with you Love once. or with your friends.
  • If your phone rang then talk while walk Remember this mantra( Walk and Talk)
  • Park a car away from the office or a destination and walk a distance.
  • If you are waiting for the bus then use this time and walk while you are waiting. 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan
  • Take a break in the fresh air for some time to stroll.

5-Set dinner time 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

Research indicates that eating on time also affects your weight and health It is extremely important to ensure the right time for the meal. So that the amount of space needed for each meal can be found. There is a minimum gap of 4 hours between your 4 big miles. Do not forget that at least 12 hours gap between your first mile and final mile is important. This way, you will not feel hungry anytime during a day. This will keep your metabolism and weight well. If you feel hungry then you need to choose the right option for mid-mile. This is very important as people usually give biscuits, bread and other types of deep fried snacks on appetite, which are not only high calorie but are also difficult to digest. 7 days Lose Weight Challenge with this Diet Plan

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