8 effective exercise to gain 6 pack abs


8 exercise that will give you 6 pack abs

One of the best way to reduce your risk of getting cancer diabetes heart disease and gain 6 pack abs and to focus on your waistline keeping your midsection slim. Protects your health according to a recent study published a scientific journal circulation and conducted by Dr. Benjamin Levine director of the Institute of exercise and environmental medicine.

So where are the top 8 exercise which will reduce your weight and give you 6 pack abs?

These 8 exercise you can do from your comfort on your own home, all you will need it just 10 spare minutes a day to perform this workout, you will see visible results within a week and you will be mind blown by the positive result in your health and fitness especially in your waistline in just under month.

Training the rectus abdominis

We are going to start off by talking about rectus abdominis but while I tell you what it just wants you to warm up for today’s exercise. Just stretch your legs, walking, jogging, push-ups just warm up your body, it’s just a start to give you a healthy 6 pack abs.

6 Pack abs

So when people generally think of the 6 Pack Abs. these are the muscles we are talking about. Directors abdominis is positioned between the drip and the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis. this muscle can be trained in two ways

  1. By burning the chest towards the pelvis.
  2. By burning the pelvis towards the chest.

In this article, we will cover both ways if you are ready then will start now


Crunches are the Classic core exercise for carving out the 6 pack Abs. They don’t actually get rid of belly fat but what they can do turn your rectus abdominis into 6 packs Abs.6 Pack abs To do that lie on your back on the floor or on a comfortable mat. Bend your knees and put your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders towards the ceiling using only your abs muscles.

6 Pack absDon’t bring your chest all the way to your knees. These are crunches, not sit-ups hold your position when your shoulders are about 6 inches of the floor. Then lower yourself back down just do 15 inches first, if you are having trouble at first just keep your mind focused on the results. It will give you the 6 pack Abs which you always wanted.


6 Pack abs

V-Ups are awesome at training both the upper and lower abdominals. To do this lie on your back with your legs straight together and your arms, extend your head use your abdominal muscles to simultaneously lift your legs and upper body of the ground. Try to touch your toes at the peak. If you can’t, it’s ok, just go up as far as you can. Slowly bring your Limbs back down to the floor while keeping them straight. Don’t rush this exercise easily hurt your back. While doing V-UPS, So take it slow and don’t raise your lower back on the mate as you bring your legs down and don’t forget to breathe either, because your muscles need oxygen. This will help you to gain 6 pack abs.

Plank with a knee twist for 6 pack abs

6 Pack abs

Planking is basically a full body workout in and of itself 6 pack abs, obliques, legs, glutes. But it’s especially good for the midsection. To do this, get into a straight arm plank.

6 Pack absMake sure that your hands are right below your shoulders your body. makes a straight line and your stomach doesn’t sag towards the floor. Bring your right knee up towards your waist then rotate it out to the side hold it for a few seconds and then bring it back in place.

Now take a short break and Grab a drink of water

Roll-Ups for 6 pack abs

6 Pack abs

Roll-Ups strengthen the abdominal while increasing flexibility in the spine and make strong 6 pack abs.

6 Pack absTo do this lie on your back with your arms and legs. Stretched out to lift your arms up and forward and use your abs to Slowly bring yourself up to a seated position. Engage your abs again to Slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position if it is too difficult at first you can always put your hands on your thighs until you are ready to do extended and roll UPS

Plank hip dips

6 Pack abs

This exercise is ideal for beginners. It’s not too intense but it still this Exercise can make your 6 pack abs and a good workout.

6 Pack absTo do this get into forearm plank. Your elbows should be in line with your shoulders lift your butt towards the ceiling. Make sure you use your Abs to do it. Squeezing them tightly to close the distance between your Ribcage and hips. Lower your hips down to the initial position.

Boat Pose

6 Pack abs

Boat pose strengthens the abs legs and lowers back among other things. To do this shit with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor lean back a little and lift your feet, of the floor. Extend your arms straight out in front of you to the sides of your legs. Try to keep your knees as straight as you can with your body weight and balance. Lying slowly on your abdominal muscles. Do this for 30 seconds after a week tries to do this for 1 minute. This will Power your body and help you to gain 6 Pack Abs.

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Windshield wipers

6 Pack abs

This exercise is ideal for strengthening your entire body more specifically your lower abs and obliques. To do this lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air.

6 Pack absYour hips should make a 90-degree angle strengthen your arms out to the sites engage lower abs to Slowly bring your legs down to the left side raised and back up to the initial position

6 Pack abs

And do the same thing on the right side

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Mountain climbers

6 Pack abs

Mountain climbers and advanced high-intensity exercise that will get your heart rate up.6 Pack abs

To do this get into a straight arm plank remember those hands should be directly below your shoulders.

6 Pack absNow pull you are right knee up to what your chest as far as you can switch and do the same thing with your left knee don’t forget that your entire body should form a straight line no hip dipping  after some time try this exercise little bit faster

Rember this workout need to become part of your daily routine if you want 6 Pack abs at least start of with for exercise of your choice each one should be done for the amount of time stated with a 10-second break in between what’s great about this workout is that you don’t need to go anywhere to do it you don’t need any special types of equipment and it’s totally free.


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