In this world, almost every young man wants to make a fit and firm body, and for that, he first starts to go to the gym. But, many young people are skeptical about the right age and time to go to the gym.

So today we will tell you what is the correct age for going to the gym and what is the right time to go to the gym. Apart from this, you should know that going to the gym has many advantages, but remember that when you do not exercise properly then you have to face the loss of going to the gym.

So whenever you go to the gym, exercise in the supervision of the trainer and exercise properly.

What is Right Age for the Gym?Gym

Children need to be adapted just like adults. So teach children to exercise at the age of 2 years. According to the American “Disease Control and Prevention Center”, children should exercise 1 hour daily.

Exercising regularly reduces stress in children, increases self-confidence, balances weight maintains good health and sleeps well. But be aware that children should exercise at the age of their age and go to the gym.

From 13-18 Year age

Children 13 to 18 years of age can exercise as well as adults. At this age, you can start going to the gym. In the gym, you can also do jogging, swimming, gymnastics (weightlifting). Apart from this, games like football, basketball, wrestling can also be played. Teens from 13 to 18 years can exercise in the gym and make their muscles stronger,

From 6-12 Year Age

Allow children between 6 and 12 years to exercise according to their preferences. Let them enjoy sports and exercise of their mind. However, children of this age can enjoy sports and exercise, such as cricket, yoga, climbing, gymnastics, bosket hair and swimming

From 4-5 year

Kids from 4 to 5 years can exercise like running, jump, rope jumps. Apart from this, children can also exercise like swimming, gymnastics. But keep in mind that children do these exercises with fun, not in any pressure.

From age 2-3 year

2 to 3 years old age children can run, jump. Apart from this, children can also swim. Simultaneously. Do not allow 2 to 3-year-old children to stretch, because their bones are very weak. During stretching, the bone may break or chin may occur.

“But keep in mind you must do exercise in trainers care or with someone with expertise”

Right Time for the GymGym

Many people are troubled by the fact that Right time for the Gym is in the Morning or in the Evening. However, some fitness gurus believe that exercising in the morning proves to be more beneficial for you.

By exercising in the morning you feel energized all day long. But, if you do not like to get up in the morning, you can go to the gym in the evenings. Most people exercise more intense in the evening.


Good For Brain HealthGym

Giving is beneficial for the body as well as for the mind. There are many studies that confirm that cardio exercises also help to increase the power of your brain. Your Digest produces a type of protein that increases your ability to make decisions. Exercise increases the amount of protein.

Makes you HappyGym

After exercising you are stress-free. Exercise gives the secretion of hormones called Endorphins, which makes you feel happier.

Improve Your HealthGym

Everyone is aware that going to the gym and doing exercise, you are healthy. Apart from going to the gym, your good cholesterol level increases. At the same time, blood pressure is balanced, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

Do you know that by exercising regularly, the risk of diseases such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis is greatly reduced? So if you do not exercise then start from tomorrow itself

Self ConfidenceGym

By going to the gym and exercising you are fit. When you live fit you look beautiful. Your self-confidence increases automatically when you look beautiful. Confidence is something that makes you better than others. So exercise regularly.

Good SleepGym

If you have insomnia, you should exercise regularly. Exercising regularly will give you a good sleep, which will make you feel better

Better Sex LifeGym

Regularly going to the gym and exercising keep you fit. Apart from this, your confidence also increases. According to a study, exercise on regular basis increases the incidence of women and reduces the risk of impotence in men.

Maintain a Healthy WeightGym

Everyone believes that weight is balanced by going to the gym. When you go to the gym and exercise more intensely, You burns more calories, so that your weight is balanced. So if your weight is high and you want to lose weight then start going to the gym from tomorrow.

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Relieve from Stress and AnxietyGym

Exercise is the best way to reduce everyday stress. Physical activity stimulates brain chemicals, which makes you feel happier and more relaxed. Apart from this, the number of norephedrine increases due to exercise, which reduces the stress. So exercise regularly and be free of stress and anxiety.

Makes You more Energetic

Exercise and physical activity provide oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and also helps in working with heart and blood vessels in the right way. When your heart and lungs work properly, you feel more energetic.


Well, there is no harm in going to the gym. When you go to the gym regularly and exercise properly with the help of your trainer, it proves to be beneficial for you in a number of ways.

But when you do too much exercise or stop going to the gym, then you have to face many kinds of problems because of this. Let’s know what is the problem with doing more gymnasium and what are the problems with not going to the gym?

Back to Back Workout

After more workout, your body needs adequate rest. When you do not give enough rest to your body after more workouts, then you have to face many kinds of problems.

Exercising more you feel tired instead of being active. Apart from doing more exercise, you have to face problems like getting sick quickly, sleep problems, early rage, and muscle pain.

Excessive exercise should not be more than 3 days a week. When you exercise more intensely, it takes 48 hours for your muscles to recover. Therefore, during the recovery of the muscles, you should exercise less intensity.

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Other problems

If you go back to back gym without giving rest to your body and muscles then you will face these kinds of problems.

  • Feel tired instead of being active.
  • Get sick quickly.
  • You may have a sleep problem
  • Heaviness in your feet.
  • Anger very quickly.
  • Muscles pain.

If you suddenly stop doing exercise

Heart healthGym

When you stop going to the gym, then the health of your heart also worsens. However, heart health is fine for several weeks for the gym to stop, but then slowly its health begins to deteriorate.

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Muscle pain occurs Gym

To develop muscle you have to do a variety of exercises at the gym. But when the nerves develop and you stop going to the gym, then muscle pain starts to occur.

Joints can be painfulGym

When you go to the gym regularly and exercise, then you are fit. But when you stop going to the gym, it starts slowly becoming unhealthy, causing many problems to arise, one of them is a pain in the joints. It is therefore advised that if you have stopped going to the gym, then do a little exercise at home.

Physical ability

Going for the workout regularly and exercising strengthens your muscles. But when you stop going to the gym then your muscles become weak, which also weakens your body capacity.

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Weight can increaseGym

When you go for the workout, during that time you burn too many calories so that your weight is balanced. But when you stop going for the workout, then your weight begins to grow too fast.


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