India’s first cruise ship is ready to fulfill many dreams. Every kind of luxury but in the budget

If you want a family or partner to cruise, do not panic. Feel free to go. Because now Cruise will be in your budget.

The cruise ship’s bedroom is like a dream

The country’s first largest domestic cruise Angriya It will run between Mumbai and Goa. Its length is 131 meters. It has 104 rooms. 350 people can travel once. It has a gold arrangement for all people. Ship has 6 categories of rent, which is between 7 to 12 thousand This ship was named after the 17th century Maratha Admiral Kanhoji Angre.

It does not look like a cruise ship at night.

All these facilities are present in the low budget in this ship, for which you spend a lot of money. Those are the amenities, bedrooms, discotheques, coffee shops for all people, which are always open, there is always an open spa, bar with infinity pool, named Ghaz. Listening to its features, it seems that it has been made keeping in mind the wishes of all people. This ship will only run in a monsoon.

This is a Ship restaurant, which can only be hungry.

Let us know that the first great wedding on this ship has happened. Of Pabir and Sayali This cruise ship is going to be a surprise wedding party for a few days. The first wedding is also there. Prabir and Sayali became couples who got married on this cruise ship.

Do not feel like coming back after seeing such an eye

In an interview given to ANI, they say that these shippers and services here are quite different and good. And he is very happy that he got married here.

These are couples, who are the first witnesses of the arrangement and convenience of this beautiful cruise ship.

Make plans with friends and partner quickly, bookings are coming in the ship.

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