Makeup Tips For Summer Which Cost You Nothing!

In the summer season, you are often troubled by the fact that your makeup starts to melt shortly. In this way you need, makeup that will save you from the trouble of having a make-up. Every woman wants her face to be as beautiful as the moon. For this, he takes care of everything from makeup, but it is difficult to resort to make-up all the time.

To get a natural beauty, you need special care of the face, i.e. everyday facial cleansing, toning, and muscularization. From all these, your face becomes soft and beautiful. After this, if you also make a light make-up, then your face gets enhanced. In the summer especially women use light make-up, so that their looks look natural, but this is not possible.
Such a makeup that till now you feel light and natural feels sticks and heavy in the heat. Follow the style of the style below and make special with mild proof make-up in this summer season.



Facial cleansing is necessary before make-up. Makeup looks good on a clean face. You clean the face with the mild cleanser so that the dirt on the skin is removed.



Do not forget skin toning after cleaning. Apply oil absorbing toner before applying makeup on oily skin. It will shine on the face. For this, papaya and cucumbers, tomato juice and banana can also be applied.



If you have oily skin then do not use moisturizers. If you want you can just use a light moisturizer under the eyes. Add non-oily moisturization of SPF 15 with rustic and normal skin.

4-Waterproof Foundation

Apply Highly Pigmented and Waterproof Foundation Place a jail-based foundation instead of the creamy foundation. Put thin layers and let it dry for three minutes. Now remove excess foundation from tissue paper.

5-Light Eye Makeup


In the summer, heavy eye makeup makes Messi look. Choose strong shades such as lavender and coral pink If you choose to have such shades, even if the Mayap spread due to perspiration, then it will glow around the eyes instead of Messi.

6-Maturity Powder

It is better to impose the maturity powder layer, apply only once and sprinkle with the extra powder brush.

7- Melt-Proof Lipstick

Choose Meth Shades Lipstick for Melt-Proof Look in Summer. Apply high proof pigment lipsticks with a matte base with a waterproof lip pencil.


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