Top 10 Amazing and Cool Future Vehicle-2019

Today’s world is changing and it will change more. We are stepping ahead in the future. So in this article, we are going to bring some cool stuff to you and give the brief information about them. We are going to talk about future vehicles which are in the market right now you can buy it. So without further ADO let’s find out what they are and how they work Future Vehicle

1-Double Round Skate Future VehicleFuture Vehicle

Unlike the conventional skate, the double round skate allows you to You to freely manage your feet, allow you to turn, spin. As you ride a skateboard without pushing off the ground.

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How this works

the rider simply places their feet on the 2 platforms which are provided in this. and lean site to site to rotate the rubber wheels around the feet and motion will do rest of your work. The rider can easily perform 720 degrees spin and turn on a dime

Specs of the double round skate are

wheels are 10 cm in diameter allowing them to travel shortcuts. it supports up to 200 lbs and age from 8 and up this is available in Red and Green color, Each: 10″ Diam. X 4″ W. (5 lbs.)

2-HoverboardFuture Vehicle

This featured vehicle has a 4 Motors which will create magnetic field below the board which will help to repel the board from the ground.

How this works

The engine in the Hoverboard creates Electromagnet that produces magnetic fields. Which will interact with surface and after this change the magnetic field? That produces an electric current in the magnet metallic surface which will fix in the Hoverboard. It will produce its own magnetic field, and due to this hoverboard float in the air

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3-One Wheel Electric Skateboard Future VehicleFuture Vehicle

The one wheel skate is a self-balancing cycle electro-mechanical skateboard, this skateboard can reach 19 km per hour speed.

Riding the one wheel in such an awesome time, unlike electric skateboard. Which require a controller to use the one wheel accelerates and close down just by leaning your body weight the turning and carving and just like riding a Snowboard because there is only one by the pivot point. although that top speed is listed as 15 mph, in reality, it is capable of 20+ mph speed once you have the correct skills it also can go through sand, dirt, gravel, and grass without trouble

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4-AEYO Future VehicleFuture Vehicle

This is a very interesting future vehicle where you are 10 muscles group involved. basically, a scooter they implement three things in One. Like on a traditional scooter you are likely to plant you are non dominated legs for the majority of the time but in the area, design keep both legs involved and this is a one step ahead in the future. So that’s why we are calling this a future vehicle in addition to the legs The vessel is designed to work the core back and arm and expert says that it’s involved your 10 muscle group.

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5-HalfBike Future VehicleFuture Vehicle

Halfbike is a new type of future vehicle that wakes up your natural instinct to move. I think you remember how felt the first time you rode a bicycle. The feeling of trying something new. So here is something new for you a half bike is a future vehicle. It certainly an amazing new experience for those who seek the next challenge for riding this future bike. You have to accept the new challenges and adapt all the skills from the scratch. When you ride this future bike you will feel like you are walking and cycling at the same time and interesting thing about this bike is you have to control it with your whole body. Which will help you learn how to balance your body. The halfbike is foldable and its light compact you can take it anywhere you want

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6-Air Bike Aero-xFuture Vehicle

This future vehicle is Cooler Than ATV, SUV, and scooter, with it it doesn’t matter what is under your feet, this future vehicle runs like a bike and it can carry two peoples. The price for this future vehicle is $85K, if you are interested to ride this vehicle then you can go to the company Website. They accepting $5,000 and letter if you don’t want this vehicle then they will refund your money. The dimension of this future vehicle is 14.8 feet length and 6.8 feet width and 4.1 feet height. This feature bike has some additional features like Airbags, Flotation pontoons for water operations and Transport Trailers, This future vehicle can fly 17 km per hour.

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7-Suitcase ScooterFuture Vehicle

This future vehicle is Viral in China in this future vehicle you can carry your luggage in a suitcase and you can ride on it also. This vehicle has a suitcase, a battery, wheels, and handles for the balance. This future vehicle can carry up to two people. The speed of this future vehicle is 19 km per hour and this future vehicle can travel 60 km with one charge of battery the weight of this scooter is only 7 kg.

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8-One Wheel ScooterFuture Vehicle

Test future vehicle weight is only 9 kilograms and it has a convenient handle and supportive footrest. It will fit in your bag and this future vehicle can speed up to 15 km per hour.

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9-SegwayFuture Vehicle

This is a self-balancing electric scooter this future vehicle has two wheels and one handle, this future vehicle has top speed is 20 km per hour and one charge of the battery can give you 39-40 km travel

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10-JetpackFuture Vehicle

This is an experimental vehicle with this vehicle you can fly on the sky with jet engines the vehicle is not ready but New York company Martin is up to this vehicle and they have provided the first batch of this vehicle also and they are improving it furthermore but you have to order this first then they will make this vehicle for you

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