True story:-Longest Return From Coma -Aug 2018

Hi everyone today in this article we are going to talk about some abnormal things. We are not going to talk about ghost but about the condition that every person can face. Like, be in coma and absence of reactions lost consciousness and seems to be freeze between our world and the other side. Having fallen into the coma. Some persons being in the coma for many years and the doctor can’t make any forecast. Longest Return From Coma

So today in this article we are going to talk about some miracles. Longest Return From Coma

1-Martin Pistorius Longest Return From Coma

Born in South Africa 1975. And in 1988 when the boy was 12 years old. He came from the school and complain about illness and he never returned to the school afterward. After that, his illness becomes disaster and doctor could not find the causes of illness. And a few days later he completely lost his control to his body and slept all the time. Soon he begins to lose memories.Longest Return From Coma

And a couple of days later he fell in a coma and after sometimes doctors confirm that Martin totally loses his communication from our world. nothing more can be done to help him. He was discharged from the hospital and doctor says to parents they can only look after him. They can’t do anything they just have to wait and pray to God. There is little chance that he is recovering from the coma. But the doctor says that there is no chance he will never return from the comma. In this state, people rarely live for 2 years but Martin break all the consequences and he leaves 10 years in a coma. Longest Return From Coma

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10 Year at home Longest Return From Coma

He spends more than 10 years at home. When he is in a coma he totally lost contact with the outside world. After Martin returns from the coma he describes how he feels in a coma. He described that he lost in Dragon World where many magical things happened and he couldn’t find the way out. He just listening to their family members. Sometimes his mother prays to God that please let him go, But suddenly a miracle happens. When Martin is 17 years old than his memory starts to come back. But still he is not able to move his hand and show some action to outside the world and after 20 years his father notices that he is smiling. And they quickly call the doctors and put him in medical facilities. After some time he came back from the coma. so this is the story of a boy who is 12 years old and after 10 years he comes back from the coma. In 2011 he published his own book ghost boy Martin Pistorius Longest Return From ComaLongest Return From Coma

2-Jan Groujoskpcy Longest Return From Coma

In 2007 Jan groujoskpcy fell in a coma and he returned after 19 years from the coma. In the 1980 Jan was 40 years old and he worked as a Trackman in railway. And one day he faces accident where he injured very badly. Longest Return From ComaLongest Return From ComaAfter that, he urgently sends to the hospital and where doctors say that he his injury is very bad and he has a brain tumor also. After that he fell in coma doctor says that Jan could not last more than 3 years but Jan’s wife is not want to give up. and after 19 years he finally comes back from the coma to his wife. now he is a grandfather of 11 grandchildren Longest Return From Coma

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3-Quan Toras Longest Return From Coma

In 2013 when quan is only 19 his parents discovered that he is unconscious on the floor. He couldn’t move he couldn’t eat he couldn’t so some actions in his body doctor says that he is falling into the coma Longest Return From ComaLongest Return From Coma

And one day his family member to come to the backyard to have some fresh air. And quan favorite dog is playing around there. Suddenly his father made a strange decision. He put the dog whistle into his son’s mouth who is in the coma and suddenly he whistles. And now his father knows that his son starts to come back, After some days he began to move his lips and Whisper and after all this. He begins to start talking. Described that when he is in a coma. Listens to everything that doctor says to him and after 2 years he finally comes back from the, and now he is leaving his life like normal peoples Longest Return From Coma


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