White Teeth Help-Turn Your Yellow Teeth Into White Teeth

White Teeth Help-Turn Your Yellow Teeth Into White Teeth

A resounding smile makes your beauty beautiful. And it is important for a healthy smile, healthy and white teeth. But, consuming tea and coffee gives your teeth a yellowish layer. Let’s learn how you can find white teeth with your tea and coffee hobby.White Teeth

Hard to live without Tea and Coffee

You can’t live without tea or coffee By rising in the morning and sleeping at night, you drink tea and coffee several times a day.

White Teeth

But, do you know that the tea or coffee that you take for your fatigue, how badly it affects your teeth? Tea and coffee contain tannic acid. This acid is used to make thicker color. This acid can damage the teeth and give teeth to brown color.
Learn More about Tannic Acid

Brush Your Teeth After Drinking the Tea

The difficulty is that you can not quit drinking tea and coffee. Without this, you might even be tempted to do your work, but attempts can be made to reduce its impact on the teeth. First of all, do this by cleaning your teeth after drinking tea and coffee.

White Teeth

If you prefer ice coffees or tea, then it will be good to use straw for their consumption. This tea will not touch the mouth’s front teeth. Yes, your last tooth may become yellow, but the front teeth will keep on shining. If you still do not have the yellowing of your teeth, then you can get help from a doctor.



Bleaching can remove the yellowing of most patients’ teeth, but this remedy does not prove to be effective on everyone. Those who have the tooth, yellow, brown or orange color can be cleaned through this technique.

White Teeth

But, the teeth that have become black due to use of teeth or other tobacco products for years, bleaching will not prove beneficial for them. If you do not even drink coffee, then take water after the meal every time. Water reduces acid made in mouth after meals. And reduces the effect of bacteria by thirty percent.


Quick Knowledge

  • After drinking tea and coffee, cloves on the teeth, yellowish layer.
  • After drinking tea and coffee, clean your teeth properly.
  • Bleaching can also be done to the yellowing of teeth, far away.
  • The White teeth give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

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