Why We Love GrandMother (And You Should, Too!)

I know everyone grandmother is the best for them like mine. I love to spend time with my grandmother rather than my friends. My grandmother age is almost 90 years she is so beautiful and she is so funny. Really she doesn’t care about too much anymore. She is leaving her life like it’s her last day and you should too. Why We Love GrandMother

You have to learn many things from your grandmother. She is tension free and now she doesn’t work too much. She has a game called Sudoku because it’s easier than other games and you don’t have to go anywhere to play this game. So see like this game very much and other hobbies of my grandmother are. She likes to cook and after all the hard work she eats the salad. I don’t know why. Why We Love GrandMother

She is my best friend in this world. I share everything with my grandmother and she gives me some funny advice after hearing these advise I forgot about my all problems. That’s why I love my grandmother. So today in this article we will discuss some reasons why you should love your grandmother Why We Love GrandMother

Grandmother Cooks the Best FoodWhy We Love GrandMother

Everyone grandmother everything even your grandmother does not cook anymore. She definitely gives you some suggestions that how you can make the dish tastier. Gives you some incredible recipes which you don’t know before.

She Separate Love Everywhere

My grandmother loves everyone and everything. My grandmother loves all my friends and it doesn’t matter I love them or not. She loves your boyfriend or girlfriend and when you are together. And says that you are the perfect couple but after you broke up. Says that she or he isn’t good for you “I told you so”.

Grandmother never gives upWhy We Love GrandMother

Grandmother has made it too far in life to give up on anything. She can hardly drive, and we still can’t get her to let go of her car. Why We Love GrandMother

She teaches us that we shouldn’t subject ourselves to or listen to anyone else’s ideas about our lives. We should do whatever we please until the day we die.

Best suggestion for dating Why We Love GrandMothe

Grandmothers give the best advice in dating if you’re dating anyone then she can give you some tips about how to make your Date special because they have seen it all so they can give us the best relationship advice because they have been before Why We Love GrandMother

Clean any mess Why We Love GrandMotherWhy We Love GrandMother

Everyone grandmother knows how to clean the mess whether it is in your house or whether it is in your life grandmother know the best she knows how to clean your white shirt which has the red wine stain whether you listen to your grandmother or not but definitely she will give you advice which will help you in your future because you learn from your mistakes Why We Love GrandMother

She laughs at your any jokeWhy We Love GrandMother

Grandmothers have reached a point where they don’t take life too seriously my grandmother laugh at my all jokes whether it is good or bad I know one incident where I pick the dumbest joke and give her to my grandmother and she laughs at this job very loudly and she give me advice also that don’t sweat on little things you have a time so enjoy your life because it’s too short you don’t know how much you are going to leave how much time you do you have this is the fact of the life so do not take any stress and live life like as it’s your last day

She doesn’t care what she says

My grandmother reached. Where they don’t care about what other says and she doesn’t care about what she says also she just say whatever you want to say and after that, she laughed on it and forget it Why We Love GrandMother

Grandmother has a unique sense of Style

My grandmother knows the fashion well because she used to wear all this stuff when she is young and fashion always come from old which is trending in fashion now its training in it is also so everyone grandmothers know how to looks good she gave you the best advice yes its true that now she doesn’t care how she looks at what she is wearing but still she gave you the best advice on the fashion

She always helps you Why We Love GrandMotherWhy We Love GrandMother

It’s impossible to stop your grandmother from helping you she will help you in cleaning the stuff cleaning the dishes you always tell her to relax but when you turn your back she will start hand washing the dishes it doesn’t matter how she angry with you but after all this she will help you in any kind of things grandmothers are more reliable then others in our life they just want to help you

They have unconditional love

every grandmother love their grandchildren it doesn’t matter you live with your grandmother or not but still, your grandmother will have a love for you and that is stronger than any other Why We Love GrandMother

Some of the Comments from Grandmother lovers

1. You love my children and grandchildren with your whole heart….spoiling all of us rotten. I love that you’ve started or continued family traditions with donuts, Easter eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and pass the pigs. – Tracey

2. You always make me feel beautiful. – Kali

3. You’re the ultimate host: even when we were kids, everything was customized to the individual: favorite cereals, favorite stuffed animals on the beds, everything in our favorite colors…you knew what would make us feel special or unique, and you showered us in it. – Jenny

4. You see the good in everyone. – Todd

5. Ugh, you make the best iced tea. – Kris

6. I admire your spunk – it’s always lurking under the surface ready to sneak up and make me belly laugh. – Emily

7. I’ll always admire the way you look at Grandpa, 60 years later. – Jess

8. You give the greatest hugs. – Todd

9. Of the way you and Chuck always instinctively depend on each other’s strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses. – Don

10. You have a memorable laugh that can brighten any mood. – Marc

We Love The Memory Of. Why We Love GrandMother

11. “Back in the day,” sippin’ beer (me) & amaretto (you) at the basement bar, sharing profound wisdom long after the truly wise people in the family had gone to bed. – Don

12. Tea parties on a TV tray in the kitchen, making tents with blankets and pillows, making Barbie villages, and playing hide-and-go-seek throughout the house. – Tracey

13. The day we spent baby clothes shopping the day JD was born. 🙂 – Todd 14. At Easter when we colored Easter Eggs. Remember the greyish-light blueish? That’s my favorite kind. – Will

15. Picking hibiscus and letting them float in a bowl. – Jess

16. Seeing you looking up smiling at Chuck while you two danced with his hand on your ass. – Don

17. “Do you have anything pink?” at Marie-Michelle. – Jenny

18. Acapulco, Disney Cruise, and Disney Land trips were a blast! – Kali

19. Taking bubble baths in the jacuzzi tub at the Lake Erie condo. – Jenny

20. Stories about Raquel Welch and bears. – Brent

We Love That You. Why We Love GrandMother

21. Always make sure that your family has what they need.Maybe that’s just something grandmas do. But you have done it really well for a really long time. – Emily

22. Aren’t one to get all excited at a little blood; you were really calm on visits to the hospital for stitches. – Todd

23. Feel no guilt about food that is “good for you.” – Brent

24. Love with your whole body…from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. – Tracey

25. Always have a pen so I can write down story ideas whenever the mood strikes, even if it is only on sugar packets. – Kali

26. Area party chick! So much more than me 🙂 – Tracey

27. Tolerated my sister (LOL… just had to squeeze that in) – Todd

28. Made birthdays and Christmases so special for the whole family. – Tracey

29. Love Schnapps. – Todd

30. Are still the only one who encourages my special burping abilities. – Marc

I remember the ugly duckling stage when you made sure I looked and felt beautiful….makeup, contacts and the chunky hugger haircut and new clothes! I remember our shopping adventures in Toledo as a teenager, then shopping all over –Gaurav

31. The Evolution of Our Shopping | Ohio for pageant outfits. We transitioned to wedding dresses, pregnancy outfits and baby clothes for grandkids and great grandkids. Now we enjoy shopping when it’s just the two of us again. – Tracey

32. Her signature moves: | -Saturday donuts -Face licks -Epic grilled cheese -Coloring eggs w/ the kids -The clenched-fist shimmy-laugh. – Don

Thank You For. Why We Love GrandMother

33. Giving Emily and I the best engagement gift and family heirloom ever! You gave me the extra push I needed to make the most important decision of my life, making it that much more special. – Marc

34. Being the #1 cheerleader of anything I did…singing, band, theater, pageants! – Tracey 35. Being great at teaching us to catch snakes, we had one in the back yard that we caught many times one summer. – Todd Why We Love GrandMother

36. Always reminding me I’m beautiful even when I didn’t believe you–especially my “curls from Grandma.” – Jess

37. Teaching us not to sweat the small stuff, reminding us that life is too short to censor yourself. – Emily

38. Teaching me to say “Yes ma’am” – Kris

39. Mothering me way more than MF-ing me. – Don

40. The souvenirs from all over the world! – Kali

41. Introducing Pass the Pigs to us (we still play it to this day!) – Marc

42. Singing Happy Birthday over the phone every year. – Brent

43. Teaching Emily that rubies and other jewels are not found solely on pirate ships…though that one might come back to bite me… – Marc

We Love The Fun Things We Do With You, Like.

44. Playing dress-up with your jewelry. – Jess

45. Seeing “Kahlua and Cream” play at the club. – Jenny

46. Our ongoing debate on the difference between maroon and purple (Is there really a difference??) – Kris

47. Making donuts with you…I like the circle thing that puts the circle in the dough. – Harper

48. Vegas!! Shopping, Siegfried and Roy, Cirque du Soleil. – Jess

49. Acapulco, the CIC, the ChiAnn, Tin City, Christmas, the BUFFET! – Don

50. Wearing your emerald jewelry at my wedding meant so much – it was my something old, something borrowed and something treasured, all in one. – Emily

Thank You For. Why We Love GrandMother

51. Being my mom’s–and her grandchildren’s–best friend. – Don

52. Teaching me that men are beautiful too. – Kris

53. Teaching me the basics of knitting while the boys are fishing. – Kali

54. Running the world’s best perch fries/walleye broils. – Don

55. Loving my children so much…and they love you, too! – Jenny

56. Teaching me to be a strong woman. I had the courage to go back to school and earn my teaching degree because you thought it was a fabulous idea. I learned how to be a good friend, how to be treated by a man, and how to be a caring mother and grandmother because of watching you. –Tracey

We Love The Memory Of. Why We Love GrandMother

57. Christmas Eve parties after church. – Todd

58. You singing “Mares Eat Oats” to me looking out the kitchen window at Great Grandma Auxter’s house. – Jenny

59. Licking Grandpa from chin to forehead. – Jess

60. Using your gold ashtray holder as a crown. – Tracey

61. Riding the fish with the worm in its mouth on the carousel when you’d take us to Put-In-Bay. – Jenny

62. Standing beside you as you put on make-up, styled your hair, and wore the most amazing outfits as you went on a date with Dad. – Tracey

63. Rat Pack Homecoming Parties! – Brent

64. I like swimming in Grandma Diane’s pool. –Harper, age 4

65. I like it when Grandma Diane sees Scuba because Scuba is little and Grandma Diane likes little things. – Will, age 6

We Love You Because of Why We Love GrandMother

66. You have uncanny ability to remove any stain on any item of clothing. NOTHING can stop you! – Emily

67. You have such a spirit of fun. You have a “why not?” attitude—and a signature shrug-and-eyebrow-raise to match it. It makes people feel like the world is your oyster, and that by extension, it’s ours, too. -Jenny

68. You encourage me to be creative. – Kali

69. You always listened and loved no matter how high or low I was feeling….always lifting me up! – Tracey 70. you are totally smitten by, and supportive of, family. – Don 71. You are a genuine listener, always making us feel important in conversations. – Marc

72. Going to the Pro Shop and getting monkeys that sing with skates on their shoes. – Harper

73. Boiling turkey necks and hearts every Christmas. – Brent

74. Rides in the hard top Lexus before anyone else had a hard top convertible. – Jess | We Love The Fun Things We Do With You, Like…

We Love That We Got This From You

75. I credit most of my driving skills from riding around in your golf carts with you, particularly how I have a tendency to floor it around corners. – Kris |

76. I get my love for hairspray and nail polish from you! – Jess

We Love That. Why We Love GrandMother

78. I still know the sound of your slippers coming my way. – Kris |

76. you loved your magnolia tree (took after your father in that way)…waited all year for a bloom, and held Your breath that the wind wouldn’t blow too hard. – Todd

79. you’re in love with my daddy. – tracey

It seems We may have unknowingly found 80 different ways to say the same thing. So, in conclusion, | Thank You For…

80. The Way You Say, “Grandma Loves You.” – Marc (And All of Us) | Thank You For…Why We Love GrandMother

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