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Yestor Review- Scam Or Legit-Right to Know

Yestor Review

Let me ask you a question

Why are you here? Yestor review

I think you want to know is Yestor website is legit or scam, Yestor review

If you haven’t worked on Yestor website and firstly want to know that site is a scam or legit then you are on the right place Yestor review Review Review

let me tell you how they manipulate you to work on their website(Yestor),

1-You got a post on FB that this website is giving 25$ for sign up and Blaa Blaa.

2-After that you signed up on this website, you will start Trading with one dollar( They have 16 Trade) so it will take your 30 Min to trade on every currency

3-After that you go to the payment section but you saw there that you only withdraw after you reach 90$, and there must be 25 dollars left after you submit the withdraw request Yestor review

4-In a one day you earn 5 to 6 $ in a day, so that  Yestor review

          5$*19 days=90$ +25$(restricted amount)

5-So with this calculation you have to spend at least 20 days on this website to reach withdrawal amount  Yestor review

6-After you reach the 90$+25$=115$  then you place the withdrawal request, But they are not going to give you a single penny, it just so your withdrawal request as pending, Yestor review

7-If you drop them a mail they will never be going to reply your mail

so my Final words about Yestor is this website is totally scam or this website owner is no more(RIPYestor review Review Review

So do not waste your precious time on this fake website.

Here what they say

You want to get daily income?

  • Our company cooperates only with the best traders of the world’s leading financial community.= FAKE
  • The rate of successful transactions of our professional traders team exceeds 60% != FAKE
  • Traders create their personal budget and develop a trading strategy, and we distribute profit between participants of the system in equal shares.= FAKE
  • Every day our system organizes the flow of financial investments with support of professionals so that they could control the exact amount of investment for the most effective work on the global financial markets and increase gross profit.= FAKE

Register NOW with Yestor! WorldWide and You’ll GET:

  • Multi-level fraud protection= FAKE

  • Welcome bonus $25 to get started!= FAKE

  • No Commission for withdrawal of the funds= FAKE

  • Manual payments twice a month= FAKE

  • 24/7 customer support= FAKE

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